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U NIT 1: H ISTORY OF N ATURAL L AW (S EPT . 2 - S EPT . 30) E SSAY 1 L ENGTH : 2 PAGES D UE D ATE : S EPT . 4 E SSAY 1 T OPIC We, who live in America, assume certain inalienable rights. Consider the rights you enjoy here in America and determine which of those rights are natural rights and applicable to all people from all times and places. Once you have identified specific natural rights, you may discuss the origin of those rights, the commonality of the rights (Do all nations have the same natural rights?), the effect those rights have had on the American perception of individual rights, or the impact of those rights on your life. P URPOSE In preparing this assignment I want you to consider your basic rights as a human being and those rights which naturally apply to all people, in preparation for our study of natural rights. E SSAY 2 L ENGTH : 2-3 PAGES D UE D ATE : S EPT . 9 E SSAY 2 T OPIC Enlarge upon your previous concept of natural law, as stated in Essay 1, by considering the class discussion and the article, “The History of Natural Law”, by Kenneth Pennington, when answering the following questions: What are some responsibilities of natural rights? What should be done to insure natural rights for everyone? What difference does it make if a person considers the origin of natural law to be divine or human? Support your conclusions with evidence from texts used in the class discussion; however, avoid verbatim summaries. P URPOSE Further consideration of the ramifications of natural law encourages you to consider natural rights from an earlier point of view and allows you to identify possible changes in legal thought. 1
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E SSAY 3 L ENGTH : 4-5 PAGES D UE D ATE : S EPT . 30 E SSAY 3 T OPIC Answer as many of the following questions as you desire, or answer your own question concerning Natural Law: What is the source of Natural Law? (How does this question dictate a person’s view of natural law and the scope of natural law’s authority?) How is Natural Law incorporated into the law of America? How does compliance with Natural Law affect your standard for just treatment of other people? Draw upon the Distinction you developed throughout this Unit, your knowledge of Canon Law and Roman Law, or your knowledge of modern legal systems. Remember to state an argument in this essay and support your argument with textual evidence. P
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Schedule_of_Assignments___Essays_1_2_3 - UNIT 1 HISTORY OF...

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