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l, 65 t. lorz Is'3r4 V3 r 13 83 Vs .t-s= fr 6v : 5lL 3A l+ ] tsv o T f, =I"r= 3A y.:!.?" =jA (lotz) = 3o v +1fV= t{sv 'H -- EL'q'sA 66 I rhe b)The 6 tZ resig{ort lz tZ ncsis lor, qnd Zt7 re.s$b.t V5r 3JZ rt5i94or q€ in a12 t.SA ^ -n n { o,sr+ o{ bn 6V g 7,+Iz .5+l 6V @ .-++ l,{A {3r2) = 4,5 \ V.1 =1q g tf.sv t Vz = lz(z = .5 A (lz tz) = Vr:Vz : 6V T = !- = 6l = td ",-E-To-' r{v = 13.5 V fs-J,
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Unformatted text preview: -iz= o ?: = I A+,54: V-"= Js Pg= I'SA- J1=o " I., = /,S.4 Yv t-:o = 3ov 'l +l *he €ecie s Pa}alle l' rlx Pt " t''A (?a) = 3V + 6V r3V -Vx=D V., Vr - V' !,: Va )Vj Kc t-fx - Ts -l' =o I,, =f>+1, ')f t1{4 Vol+r3e loutr(Qr7Q cf si s4or q"rd ZJZ nfSiS*on qr€ i n serie!. co r\bi nq{i o ,. () I...
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