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bio110_lecture 9-30-08

bio110_lecture 9-30-08 - o Cellularity Cell is the most...

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Structure Function; Science relates between these two. o Science does not imply a ”designer” o Design = Goal Purpose Determinism Teleology Genetic Determinism: The idea that might lead to a NOW of Eugenics. S. J Gould The mismeasure of man LIFE ITSELF: all living organisms have these traits o Complexity o Chemical Uniqueness: C /H20 – Bio Building Block Macromolecules. Every at om is made of star-dust.
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Unformatted text preview: o Cellularity: Cell is the most reducible unit of life. We all go through single cell phases. Sperm and Egg then becomes multi cellular. (Viruses are not cellular) Not generally coated with membranes, no metabolism. They are molecular parasites o Metabolism: All living organisms have a metabolism. o Genetic Program Rare Earth – Ward/Browlee 1999 o READ CH1-2...
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