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bio110_lecture 9-25-08 - a. Where does it come from? i. Mid...

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•Life Itself 1. Characteristics: Life vs Death a. Alber Leninger and Francis Drickt i. Talk about how the origin of life could be from a distance planet. Goes against the hypothesis that life started on earth. We don't know the real origins of life. ii. Panspermia : Life started from outer planets. iii. Life starting in the deep sea is the most favored hypothesis. b. Creationism : All major monotheistic have their own concurrent views on how life and earth was created. i. Evolution is not a belief system but a system of facts . ii. Religious process and thinking is a no go in science. Science is not supposed to have a leap of faith but a concrete set of facts. iii. Death The absence of life. iv. Bioethicist: Peter Singer. 2. Characteristics: Water Carbon
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Unformatted text preview: a. Where does it come from? i. Mid 80s perspective: Most of the water came here by gross accumulation. Coming through our atmosphere. This also leads to the question of the creation of life. Religion simplifies scientific theory. 1. Weak and the strong entropic principals. 2. Life on earth is rare. ii. Complexity, Cellularity 1. Reductionism : Breaking down a cells mechanics. 2. Holism : a. Emergent Properties : b. Atoms Molecules macromolecles Cells Individuals Population Communities. c. 100 X 10^12 = a human 100 Trillion Cells d. Multi cellular / differentiating. 3. Individuals Comparing different beings. From this breaking down and looking at the many different aspects....
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bio110_lecture 9-25-08 - a. Where does it come from? i. Mid...

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