19 - 1 FCE 212 High Risk Behaviors in Adolescence 2 The...

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1 1 FCE 212 High Risk Behaviors in Adolescence March 29, 2007 2 The prevalence of risk taking behaviors o In the United States in 2003, all deaths among young people aged 10 to 14 years resulted from only five causes which were all linked to behaviors: motor-vehicle crashes (22.1%), other unintentional injuries (16.7%), cancer (12.9%) suicide (6.8%), homicide (4.7%), (CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey Report, 2004). o Substantial morbidity and social problems also result from approximately 20,000 pregnancies that occur annually among girls under 15 years of age and estimated 3 million of STDs that occur each year among persons between the ages 10 and 19 (Ventura et al., 2004; CDC, 2000) o More unsupervised time leads to these risk taking behaviors. 3 Reasons for adolescent risk taking o Several theories have been proposed as to why adolescents engage in risky behaviors (Arnett & Balle-Hjensen, 1993; Gibbons & Gerrard, 1995; Jessor, 1991). They: o underestimate the potential dangers of being involved in risky behaviors. o look for peer acceptance, sense of belonging. o romanticize and identify with adult behavior such as smoking and sex o Feel alienated - a sense of estrangement and loss; failure to cope 4 Reasons (continued) o Media communication. o Peer pressure o 61% of the girls and 23 % of the boys said that they thought that pressure from a partner was often a reason that teenagers have sex. o 43% of boys and 38 % of girls said they thought that fear of being teased by others about being a virgin was often a reason ( A national survey of 12-18 year olds conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, 1996). 5 CDC Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance report, 1999 o Cigarette Smoking o 70 % of high school students have tried cigarette smoking, 25 % before the age of 13. o
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19 - 1 FCE 212 High Risk Behaviors in Adolescence 2 The...

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