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ANT 305 discussion questions week5 - us to have more pride...

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ANT 305 Discussion Questions Week #5 7. Are both kinds of nationalism represented in the US? 8. How does the author say that Germany ‘created a new nation’ through folklore, and what was the relationship of this nation to Germany’s history? 9. How was Herder influenced by Montesquieu 10. According to herder, what class did Germans have to look to, to find their national identity? How is this similar to our own? 11. Do you think the "folktales" of UT bind us together as a community or encourage
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Unformatted text preview: us to have more pride for our school? 12. Do you think Herder would believe that McCain and Palin plan to win over American votes by appealing to the "common folk"? 13. What other forms of media (television shows, movies, newspaper articles, magazines) do you think draw people together like folktales? Or, what forms may alienate people? In relation to nationalism and/or their sense of community?...
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