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The Central Nervous System (CNS) is responsible for to reacting to external stimuli. In the body, the reaction is accomplished without help from the brain; hence, they are almost instantaneous and sometimes to referred to as reflexes. A reflex is an involuntary reaction caused by single synapses between sensory axons and motor neurons. In this lab, a specific reflex, the knee-jerk (myotatic) is explored. Since this reflex does not involve the brain, it is expected that there should be no significant difference in involuntary reaction times between a normal reflex and a reflex while counting. For the voluntary reflex, a difference between counting and non-counting reflex is expected, because it involves the brain. In this experiment, we used an electromyogram (EMG) of the quadriceps muscle to measure how long it took to react when hit in the patellar tendon. The same female college-age student (N = 1) was used for all the trials. The EMG was connected to the PowerLab 4st data acquisition system. The
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