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Practice Problems for JavaScript Multiple Choice Questions 1. _______________ are used to group several statements into a compound statement. A. () B. { } C. <> D. /* */ 2. In JavaScript the for statement is used for A. Assignment B. Increment C. Iteration D. Selection 3. The command to display an alert box in JavaScrpit is [I am sorry, I missed semicolons after all these sentences] A. write.alert B. display.alert C. alert( ) D. alert = “text” 4. In JavaScript, a line beginning with // is a(n) A. assignment B. comparison C. comment D. function 5. Which of the following are correct JavaScript variable declarations? [Here, if Sam was a variable declared already, then C could be a right option too. Such ambiguity will not be present in the test] A. var d = a ( b*c ); B. var time = ((( days * 24) + hours) * 60 + minutes) * 60 sec; C. var name = Sam; D. var bool = “true”; 6. Which of the following can be used as part of a variable name A. Hyphen - B. Blank space C. Underscore _ D. Parentheses ( ) Writing Code Segment. Do not worry about other tags like <html>, <body> and so on. Start and end with the <Script> tag. 1. Assume that you are creating a new array called seasons A. Write the statement to declare the array with space allotted for four elements.
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practiceproblemsSOLN - Practice Problems for JavaScript...

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