In a work like Angels in America

In a work like Angels in America - In a work like Angels in...

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In a work like Angels in America , reality is thrown in the face of the audience. Controversial subjects like AIDS, homosexuality, politics, and religion are fleshed out through the characters in a ruthless fashion reflecting characteristics of realism. No human emotion goes untouched. At one point or another, throughout the characters, all of Plutchik’s primary eight emotions displayed. There is anger, sadness, surprise, fear, joy, acceptance, and curiosity. Beyond emotions, the characters experience moral conflict nearly everywhere they turn. However, despite the outstanding elements of realism that exists in this work, the element of the fantastic surfaces as well. This occurs in a huge way throughout the text which is even embodied in the title, Angels in America . The question is how are these elements of the fantastic, the supernatural, supposed to be interpreted in such a work reflecting so many traits of realism? Or do they even have to be interpreted at all? Maybe the inclusion of angels, ghosts, and the spiritual realm are meant to be on an equal playing field as the physical world. Maybe the physical world and the metaphysical world are much more closely related than can be known under “normal” circumstances. The explorations of fantastic elements in realist literature go through several interpretations and critiques. In Angels in America , the question is raised; do these elements really have to be interpreted? Can’t they just be taken for what they are? Tony Kushner’s Angels in America asks its audience to open their minds to the possibility that the so called fantastic might hold more truth, more reality, than that which is traditionally considered real in the physical world; examples of this possibility surface first within the title, Angels in America , also through the characters fear of this possibility, and later it even goes to address another issue in the genre of magic realism as a whole.
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In a work like Angels in America - In a work like Angels in...

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