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Bradford, morton, bradstreet Ch ristopher Columbus - 1492- won support of Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella for “enterprise of the Indies”-not much respect for native Americans, he enslaved them and forced them to convert to Christianity. He believed all could be gained thru gold. they are artless and generous with what they have, to such a degree as no one would believe but him who had seen it. Of anything they have, if it be asked for, they never say no, but do rather invite the person to accept it, and show as much lovingness as though they would give their hearts." Letter to Luis de Santangel Las Casas - explorer who became priest- he believed Columbus’ seizure of Indians was first injustice done to them. At first, took Indians as slaves and then said Africans should be. Later went back on both. The Christians attacked the Indians, ate their food, killed and raped women, wrapped them in straw and set them afire, burned them over fire. Pearl divers were forced to dive, hold their breath, their hair was pulled, and they were chained at night. The divers usually didn’t live long- they had great physical ability so their torture was overlooked. De Vaca - Indian prisoner who became revered as a hero because of his skills as a merchant and a hero, offered account of different Native American cultures. He sought to describe the customs, positions, flora and fauna. He made his life by scraping skins, bartering. . they ate prickly pears. Children suckled for 12 years, Creation myths- Iroquois The Iroquois story of creation includes two main characters: the good mind, and the bad mind. As twins, they were born of the same mother, who first inhabited the universe. When about to give birth, she drops down into the lower earth and sits on a turtle to give birth. Before the birth, he turtle changes into an island with sparse vegetation. While in the womb, the evil twin decides to come out from the underside of the mothers arm, bringing her to a swift death. Once older, the good mind creates a sun and moon out of the remnants of its mother’s body. It continues to create the world, forming vegetation and two humans, called ea-gwe-howe. Meanwhile, the bad mind creates large, treacherous mountains, and venomous reptiles. After finding what the bad mind has made, the good mind re-establishes what he first created, desecrating what the bad mind had formed. Soon they challenge each other to fight for the governing of the universe. Both reveal their Achilles heel to each other before the fight begins. Lasting two days, the battle halts when the good mind defeats the bad mind by beating him with deer horns, his one weakness. Once deceased, “he [the bad mind] sinks down to eternal doom” to become the “Evil Spirit Pima According to the Pima’s retelling of the creation of earth, two main characters also appear in the myth. Juh-wert-a-mah-kai opens the story, floating in the nothingness of darkness. He concludes that he has
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Bradford - Bradford, morton, bradstreet Christopher...

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