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Beyond the Pleasure Principle (pp. 3-51) 1. Pleasure and unpleasure (4) a. Increase and decrease of excitation in a given period of time b. Libido = psychosexual energy c. Bound = organized libido d. Cathexis = charge or investment of libido 2. Pleasure principle (5) a. Mental apparatus keeps excitation low or constant b. Strong tendency, not dominance of mental apparatus (6) 3. Reality Principle (7) a. Postponement of pleasure in order to gain pleasure 4. Repression and unpleasure a. Incompatible instincts or drives (Freud’s word translated as instinct = Trieb ) (8) b. Pleasure that cannot be felt 5. Fort / da , child’s game (14-15) a. Play and the mastery of unpleasure→Reality Principle b. Art and play can deploy pleasurable and unpleasurable elements (17) 6. Ego ( Ich ) and unconscious repressed (20) a. Failure of memory through repression = compulsion to repeat (19) b. Conscious and unconscious Ich = agent of pleasure principle in mental life (21) 7. Compulsion to repeat in everyday life → beyond the pleasure principle (24-25)
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7._Beyond_the_Pleasure_Principle_1 - Beyond the Pleasure...

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