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Beyond the Pleasure Principle (pp. 51-78) 1. Genealogy (in Nietzsche’s sense?) of psychoanalysis: three stages (61-62) a. Sexual vs. ego instincts (drives) i. Latter includes drive to self-preservation b. Ego as true origin and reservoir of libido (primary narcissism) (62) i. Ego includes both sets of drives ii. Division between instincts as topography→formal mapping of process without real objects (63) c. Life drive vs. death drive (63-64) 2. Dominating tendency of mental life (keeping constant
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Unformatted text preview: or reducing internal tension) implies interaction between life and death (67, 69) 3. Theory is provisional (72) 4. Figurative language (psychology, science) (72-73) 5. Binding of mobile libidinal energy conditions pleasure principle (75-76) a. Primary process (unconscious) as condition of secondary process (conscious) (76) 6. Life drives create tension so that it can be released (77) 7. Life drives serve death drive (77)...
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