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Monolingualism of the Other, or, the Prosthesis of Origin (pp. 44-73) 1. Fear of one’s own voice (48) 2. Language, revenge, resentment—what’s the connection? (51) 3. The figure of a tattooed body (51-52) a. Writing or language imprinted on the body, embedded in the flesh—what does it mean? 4. Patriotism in language and the new International (57) 5. Singularity of expatriation (58) 6. Universal structure and idiomatic testimony (60) a. Deconstructing a stable ego (61) b. Amnesia without recourse→madness (Ibid.) c. Stereotype as amnesia (Ibid.)
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Unformatted text preview: d. Madness of hypermnesia (hyper-memory) (Ibid.) e. Prior-to-the-first language (62) i. Fantasy of origin f. Undecidable (Ibid.) g. Against monoculturalist homo-hegemony (64) 7. Linguistic imaginary and the Real of language (65) 8. The event in language (66) a. Language promises to give itself but never does fully give itself (67)—the promise of a language that is mine, that is owned i. The fantasy that one day it will be mastered 9. The difference between a demonstration (political) and an argument→language as event (72)...
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