11._Television_1 - 2. Language and the unconscious (5) a....

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Television (pp. xi-xxxi, 1-11) “Microscopia” 1. Truth a. Two forms: enunciation and enunciated, or utterance and statement (xx-xxi) b. Not exactitude (xxvii) c. Fictional structure (xxvii) d. Not (w)hole (xviii) 2. There is no metalanguage (xxii) a. All language is ordinary? b. Lalangue 3. Free association (xxiii) a. The object of psychoanalysis b. The impossibility of saying everything = unconscious c. The real vs. reality 4. The real is traumatic (Ibid.) 5. The Other (with a capital) a. The message from/to the Other (xiv) b. Teaching and understanding (xxv-xxvi) 6. The non-dupes err (xxvii) 7. The master signifier (xviii) S1 = master signifier S2 = system of knowledge a = object, jouissance, meaning $ = divided subject
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8. Four discourses (xviii-xxx) Television 1. Television and the public of Lacan’s seminar (3)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Language and the unconscious (5) a. Ex-sistence being outside (language is outside, the unconscious is outside) (6) b. Language carves up the body mapping (6) i. Thought ex-sists ii. Reality as fantasy? 3. Two sides of language: meaning and sign (7-8) 4. There is no sexual relation (meaning of sexual relation = nonsense) (8) 5. Common sense (Ibid.) a. The meaning that we enjoy (see 9 below) 6. Primary process = jouissance (intersection of Freuds two driveslife and deatheros and thanatos) (9) 7. From sign to signifier (9) 8. The real which remains (10) 9. Enjoy-meant = knot of signifiers (Ibid.) Masters discourse Hysterics discourse S1 S2 $ S1 $ a a S2 Analytic discourse University discourse a $ S2 a S2 S1 S1 $...
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11._Television_1 - 2. Language and the unconscious (5) a....

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