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Television (pp. 35-46) 1. Knowledge = limited by the structure of language = logic? (36) 2. Discourse as make-believe (37) 3. Psychoanalysis as matheme = science? (38) a. What is the object of psychoanalysis? The object produced by its matheme? (39) i. Matheme = pure signifier b. Psychoanalysis is axiomatic—like pure mathematics (Ibid.) 4. “Woman”—i.e., in general, as a category—does not ex-sist (38) a. Why “ex-sist”? b. For both sexes? c. What does it mean not to ex-sist? d. Why does the sexual act misfire?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Women are not-all ( pas tout ) (40) a. Women are the antithesis of Woman b. We can speak of only one because women have to be considered one at a time in so far as they are not everything not universal c. A womans inner fantasy of man d. Truth is not-all (41) 6. Women are madbut not at all about the whole (Ibid.) 7. Hope and suicide (43) 8. Subject to the unconscious (Ibid.) 9. Withholding analysis from the rabble (43)...
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