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Building America - Building America 01:17:00 PM ← The...

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Unformatted text preview: Building America 5/29/2008 01:17:00 PM ← The Greatest Hits of American Architecture ← ← 2 Objectives • Chart America’s building tradition through its most representative buildings • Discuss the representative buildings within the context of social history o Such as how technology and new materials become available change the face of American architecture o Within the context of the people living and commissioning these different buildings ← ← Dartmouth’s buildings illustrate how education has developed over the last 250 years. • By looking at how dorms have developed, you can see how our societies have changed ← ← We are going to spend a lot of time looking at vernacular buildings; the ordinary rather than the extraordinary in the first half of the course • A lot of homes before the late 19 th century were designed and built by their owners ← ← Architectural names and terms are important ← ← Most important buildings: “the first of its kind” or “it influenced other architects to…” ← ← What are the ideas that created this building. What was happening in Washington or the countryside that lead to the creation of this building. ← ← Goals • To transform the way that we see buildings and the world; the built landscape A built landscape, the idea behind it, is that we create our lives within the confines of the group of occupants, so the landscape is important because the relationships that we create within them shape us and affect how we shape our buildings. Rules the govern the constructions and design of buildings and the language of architecture; words that describe buildings and their various parts ← ← Some rules are informal • For example, the worst building on any campus is the architecture building • Whenever you tear down an historic building, what you build over it is almost never as good as what was once there ← ← Cultures build architecture. Culture. • Building address the needs and concerns of a culture Michelangelo’s Library in Florence • Built the library for the Medici family • They used art and architecture to enhance the city of which they were the unquestioned rulers • They were patrons of the art • By enhancing the city that they ruled, they enhanced their own reputations • The library was built as a reflection of the Florentine culture and the values that members of that culture expected the Medici’s to construct • The building is a refecltion of what the Medici’s wanted in a building, and Michelangelo understood the cultural values ← ← Thomas Jefferson’s Rotunda Library at the University of Virginia...
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Building America - Building America 01:17:00 PM ← The...

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