Nuremburg Trials-Cold War notes Nov 30

Nuremburg Trials-Cold War notes Nov 30 - Nuremburg Trials...

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Nuremburg Trials Nazi leaders chosen method of dealing with justice Cowardice—cannot face their crimes Efforts to follow decorum of trial Goering: only man who used their defense as a pulpit to justify his actions Human experimentation in the camps Resistance in war crimes charges If political leaders are called in by political leader to brainstorm ideas, what should be done to partisan resistance? Carpet bombings—designed to diminish morale, not kill hundreds of thousands used as an example of ‘how was this different?’ Is it possible for other nations to hold sovereign nations criminally responsible? Sentences offered: Those found to have engaged in mechanisms of inhumane crimes sentenced to death (Goering) Leading war aggressor-- just before his execution he committed suicide with a cyanide tablet Many followed in his path, cheating the world in its vengeance Some also played insane, claiming they were not psychologically sound Trials not closely followed by German public Many claimed they were “just following orders” Trials were a constant effort to focus solely on the heinous behavior of German Nazis so they did not become a ‘political volleyball’ Judges came from Allied countries only Impending cold war politics Cocktail parties, etc: Odd symbol of how the soviets wanted everything focused on Nazi crimes, not soviet crimes UN Charter ratified in 1945—new UN enthusiastically supported by international leaders
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Manage social, economic, and political development in the modern world. European nations could look to an external body to help solve internal conflicts
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Nuremburg Trials-Cold War notes Nov 30 - Nuremburg Trials...

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