core response paper #1

core response paper #1 - Amelia Frey CSP 26 9/17/07...

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Amelia Frey CSP 26 9/17/07 Response Paper #1 The theories proposed by Hippocrates are, although controversial and since proven untrue, logical in the ancient mindset. His theories assume that all disease comes from an imbalance in the body, most notably, an imbalance of the four essential humours which make up the human body—phlegm, blood, yellow bile, and black bile. This basis of thought can help us understand the Hippocratic views on women through the same need for balance to maintain a healthy body. Hippocratic theory maintained that balance was key, and thus, the diseases and ailments described were attributed to some sort of imbalance in the body. In the case of women, many were attributed to an irregularity of the location of the womb, or too much blood inside of it. Also, many of the illnesses were attributed to the fact that the woman’s body was not disposing of its waste, or in most cases menstrual blood, in the right proportions and/or at the right time. Those attributed to an imbalance of blood were most easily understood because the same imbalance (of blood, not necessarily having to do with the womb) can presumably cause
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core response paper #1 - Amelia Frey CSP 26 9/17/07...

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