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response paper #3 - Amelia Frey CSP 26 Response Paper#3...

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Amelia Frey CSP 26 Response Paper #3 9/26/07 Contami Nation: Greece Unlike Hippocrates, Pliny asserts the importance of natural medicines, those found both in plants as well as in animals, including humans. Pliny’s historical reference point, however, is much different from Hippocrates’ as he lived nearly four hundred years later. This gave him two advantages in asserting his beliefs: first, he had a basis to study from previous practitioners, and second, the time period had more developed methods of mass communication, making his views more widely available. Through his writings, we can make conclusions about everyday life in first century Greece. Pliny’s descriptions of the common ailments affecting patients reveal that life during that period in history was unsanitary and somewhat primitive because of the lack of resources available to the society at the time. Some of the most common ailments affecting the patients described in Pliny’s writings are those associated with the digestive system, such as diarrhea and intestinal cramps. These affectations can tell us about the environment of society at the time, and in what conditions they lived. Many historians have proved that conditions were extremely unsanitary in ancient times, in all respects of the word. People lived in extremely overcrowded cities, and with the passing of time and architectural advancement, the buildings not only became closer together, but taller as well, in order to accommodate the growing population. This caused even more crowding among
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response paper #3 - Amelia Frey CSP 26 Response Paper#3...

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