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response paper #5

response paper #5 - Amelia Frey MMM Response paper#5 Jesus...

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Amelia Frey MMM Response paper #5 10/12/07 Jesus the Healer The most famous man in all of human history was also one of the most controversial people to ever walk the planet. Even two thousand years after his death, people worship him for his miraculous deeds his exquisite example as a human. Jesus of Nazareth, born to a young, unmarried woman, spent most of his life in the Jewish temples being educated by teachers of the Law and tradition. He was not famous by birth, was not rich, and did not have a luxurious upbringing to help him rise in stature and reputation. Although many of his adolescent and early adult years have been lost to history; Jesus did appear in his mid-adult years as a prominent teacher gaining popularity in the Jewish world. He soon performed miracles, gathered a small group of apostles as well as a larger group of disciples. Over the course of his gaining following, the Pharisees tried to bring him down in accordance with Jewish tradition and the Law. He used different methods to heal different people, and some of Jesus’ methods created controversy among his peers in regards to whether or not he was a gifted physician, prophet, or the Son of God. Through historical texts, one can infer that his actions were from a divine source, because of their pure inexplicability. Physicians in antiquity characterized themselves as men of science, men of logic, and men with a true purpose to help the sick. Hippocrates was the most famous of ancient doctors and believed that only “those who have the ambition to be scientists…and the necessary ability” 1 should practice medicine. His idea of a medical practitioner was someone who researched 1 1 Hippocrates, Hippocratic Writings: The Science of Medicine . 139.
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previous cases and built upon previous knowledge. Case studies were also especially important
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