Study Sheet Latino Experience Midterm

Study Sheet Latino Experience Midterm - Study Sheet Latino...

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Panche be : Mayan philosophy: “seeking the root of truth.” A way to look critically at the world. In Lak Ech: Mayan idea that whatever you give to the world, you also give to yourself. Like the golden rule. Human Sacrifice : Did not occur regularly as is widely taught; major criticism of indigenous people Hernan Cortez: conquistador who led the conquest of the Americas in 1518 and participated in the conquest of Hispaniola in 1503. responsible in part for the annihilation of the indigenous peoples of the Americas In xochitl in cuicatl (flower and song or flor y canto): metaphor of ancient Mexico for poetry. Impt because many poems talk about beauty in nature and value of life(aka anti-human sacrifice) Bernal Díaz del Castillo: wrote an eyewitness account of Cortés’s conquest of the Americas; conquistador Fray Bartalomé de las Casas: fought the encomienda system; first bishop of Chiapas; father of anti-racism and anti-imperialism, spoke out against mistreatment of indigenous peoples Fray Diego de Landa: Franciscan monk; spread Catholicism alter Spanish conquest; burned mayan books, Black Legend Fray Bernadino de Sahagún: compiled Florentine codex, missionary Chilam Balams: Mayan poetry written in secret (in Latin script but Mayan language) to preserve culture after indigenous killings, book burnings, and conversions threatened to annihilate the entire Nahuatl culture. Latino/a means? A term used to refer to brown people today but an ironic term in that it really refers to European descent and traditions. The term is questionable in its origins. Latin is? Language of the ancient romans; had European roots and associates with European traditions, culture, religion, etc. Hispanic is? Umbrella term coined by Nixon administration for political purposes Tecuitlatl (Spirulina geitlerii): food of Mexico that was a staple of the indigenous diet and has so much protein and nutrients that it is a huge factor in proving the non-existence of human sacrifice. Grows without rainfall so was very effective for large populations of the dry terrain. Why does Jack Weatherford say America has yet to be discovered? Because the culture of the indigenous peoples of the Americas has been lost through conquest, and has yet to be understood and discovered. Maya/Central Americans: Indigenous peoples who thrived in the Americas before the colonial era and whose cultures and traditions are slowly being reintroduced into the lives of their ancestors Noam Chomsky: leading critic of American politics; asserts that history is fabricated by the bias of the writer; anarchist David Stannard: author of the American Holocaust The soft side of indigenous racism: when scholars omit the massive genocide that occurred during the colonial era of Latin America and instead blame the deaths of millions of indigenous peoples on disease, famine, sacrifice, and violent cultural traditions. Repatriation Acts of the 1930s:
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Study Sheet Latino Experience Midterm - Study Sheet Latino...

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