project04 - CSE 231, Fall 2007 Programming Project 04...

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CSE 231, Fall 2007 Programming Project 04 Assignment Overview This assignment is worth 30 points (3.0% of the course grade) and must be completed and turned in before 11:59pm on Monday, September 24, 2007 . The purpose of this project is to familiarize you with the use of Boolean logic, branching statements and loops. For this assignment, you will create a program that plays the game “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Background Rock, Paper, Scissors (also known by several other names, see ) is an extremely popular hand game most often played by children. Often, it is used as a method of selection similar to flipping a coin or throwing dice to randomly select a person for some purpose. Of course, this game is not truly random since a skilled player can often recognize and exploit the non-random behavior of an opponent; for instance, if you notice that your opponent chooses Paper most frequently, you may choose Scissors (which beats Paper) most often in an effort to win. Rules of the Game: The objective of Rock, Paper, Scissors is to defeat your opponent by selecting a weapon that defeats their choice under the following rules: Rock smashes (or blunts) Scissors, so Rock wins Scissors cut Paper, so Scissors win Paper covers Rock, so Paper wins If players choose the same weapon, neither win and the game is played again Program Specifications This project requires you to use: raw_input to prompt the user print to print results at least one branching mechanism (if statement)
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project04 - CSE 231, Fall 2007 Programming Project 04...

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