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Chemistry l40A Whitesell Winter Quarter, 2008 Final Exam, Monday, March l7 first name middle initial last name Student ID Number Regrade Ouest Points score Regrade Ouest Points score I l5 I 5 2 t2 I2 J 8 J I9 4 5 4 l4 5 5 5 t4 6 5 6 50 7 5 t6 8 5 9 5 lo 5 Points 200 Your answers to this exam are to be only your own work. You may use no written information during this test period other than the eight pages of this exam. you may not use the back of any pages for answers. Up to one week after your exam is returned you may submit it for regrading if and only if you have made NO marks on the exam excepr for a star ({') next to the number(s) above of the question(s) you would like regraded. your signature (read the above before signing) To request regrading, sign below and check the appropriate boxes. your slgnature I would like the questions marked with a star (r.) regraded (check box at right) If you feel that we have made an addition error
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l. Write out the propagation steps of the mechanism
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This note was uploaded on 10/30/2008 for the course CHEM 140A taught by Professor Whiteshell during the Spring '04 term at UCSD.

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Whiteshell-08WI-Final - Chemistryl40A Whitesell Winter...

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