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CH 18 HW 2 F2008

CH 18 HW 2 F2008 - CH 18 HW 2 F2008 11:39 PM WebAssign CH...

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10/30/08 11:39 PM CH 18 HW 2 F2008 Page 1 of 4 http://www.webassign.net/[email protected]/[email protected] CH 18 HW 2 F2008 (Homework) BAKER KRISTINE NICOLE PY 208M, section 004, Fall 2008 Instructor: Laura I. Clarke Web Assign Current Score: 13 out of 13 Due: Wednesday, October 8, 2008 12:30 PM EDT Description Current in circuits Basic aspects of electron current flow in circuits Instructions Reading: Sec. 17.5 and Sec. 18.1-18.8 The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made. Extensions are no longer available for this assignment. (Automatic Extensions are only available within 2 days of the assignment due date.) View Key 1. 2/2 points A steady-state current flows through the Nichrome wire in the circuit shown in Figure 18.64. Figure 18.64 Before attempting to answer these question, draw a copy of this diagram. All of the locations indicated by letters are inside the wire. (a) On your diagram, show the electric field at the locations indicated, paying attention to relative magnitude. (b) Carefully draw pluses and minuses on your diagram to show the approximate surface charge distribution that produces the electric field you drew. Make your drawing show
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10/30/08 11:39 PM CH 18 HW 2 F2008 Page 2 of 4 http://www.webassign.net/[email protected]/[email protected] clearly the differences between regions of high surface charge density and regions of low surface charge density.
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