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Defining Religion 2 - Barefoot 1 1 What are the...

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Barefoot 1 1. What are the etymological origins of the term “religion?” How has its usage varied over time, and what does that usage tell us about the relationship between the concept and its contexts? Which historical usage, in your opinion, is the most influential, and why? (Answered this in the definition) The historical use of the world “religion” originated with early Romans. It ultimately becomes a cross-cultural category that does not privilege any particular religion. It is a Latin term which comes from (religare is piety – sacred observance) re-binding community. Re-leig religio/religiomes religare. The ultimate origins of Latin religio are obscure. It is usually accepted to derive from ligare "bind, connect"; likely from a prefixed re-ligare , i.e. re (again) + ligare or "to reconnect," bind, hold together. This interpretation was made prominent by St. Augustine 2. What are some of the ways that religion has been defined by scholars, and what elements of the “religious” are respectively emphasized in these definitions? What are some of the challenges that arise in defining religion? Which definitions privilege “insiders” and which “outsiders”? What definition or definitions of religion do you find most satisfactory, and why? This question is ridiculous. Look at the quotes from the first three classes. Also, look at my definitions of insiders/outsiders. Are you a member of a particular religious community or not? Are you understanding religion from the inside or outside? What about
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Defining Religion 2 - Barefoot 1 1 What are the...

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