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SYSTEMS UNDERSTANDING AID ASSIGNMENT SCHEDULE After the Systems Understanding Aid (SUA) is completed and graded, it is yours to keep and use for future reference. You should mark all parts of the materials as you consider appropriate, except for journals, ledgers and documents. These will be handed in for grading and should include only the information stated in the SUA requirements. It is suggested that journals, ledgers, documents and schedules be neatly prepared in pencil to facilitate corrections. Any type of paper can be used for schedules as long as they are neatly prepared and can be easily read. ASSIGNMENT  NUMBER REFERENCE  BOOK CHAPTER INSTRUCTIONS, FLOWCHARTS AND LEDGERS BOOK HAND-IN* 1 3 You are following Option 1 on pages 10 and 11 of the Instructions,  Flowcharts and Ledgers book. Read Introductory information, pages 3-12, 16 and scan 25-43.  Scan  through all documents in the  Documents Folder.  Your  instructor will tell  you which version of Document No. 1 to use –  blue or green. Destroy 
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This note was uploaded on 10/31/2008 for the course ACCT 3013 taught by Professor Romi during the Spring '08 term at Arkansas.

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