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Sheet1 Page 1 CSE 231 Project 11 This project is an open-ended problem solving exercise to allow you to use what you have learned in this class. This project is worth 60 points (6% of the course grade) and is due at 11:59 on December, 3. On Angel is a cartoon by Dilbert which includes a reference to a game which he calls carpet fishing. Your task is to implement the game in Python. Many issues in the design of the game and how it is played are not specified in the cartoon. You will have to use your imagination. You will be graded on the quality of your game and the quality of your solution. Additional requirements are to use classes effectively and to use the random module. Most of the grading will be subjective and will evaluate the quality of your game and the quality of the implementation.
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Unformatted text preview: To help you understand the grading we have included the grading sheet at the end of this document. Project #11 Section:_______________ Scoring Summary Points: _________ / __60__ General Requirements ______ 5 pts Coding Standard (descriptive comments, mnemonic identifiers, format, etc. ..) Implementation: ______ (8 pts) Good class design, and effective use of classes. ______ (7 pts) Good function/method design, and effective use of them. ______ (5 pts) Good data structure design (list, dictionaries, etc.) ______ (10 pts) Good game play and interface. ______ (10 pts) Game implementation including use of random ______ (10 pts) Quality of solution (subjective) ______ (5 pts) Effective Demo TA Comments:...
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