Nov 8 2004 - Answers at bottom of test Exam 3 November 8,...

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Answers at bottom of test Exam 3 –November 8, 2004 1. Joleen’s friends describe her as being emotionally reserved most of the time but also able to become extremely angry every once and awhile. When she is angry at one of her friends, she usually does not confront them with her problem and instead behaves in a cold and distant manner. Sometimes, however, she will blow up in anger at them a week or two later. Which of the following would most likely be Freud’s evaluation of Joleen? a. Freud would claim that she is engaging in sublimation behaviors to protect herself. b. He would categorize her as anal expulsive and claim that it is due to unresolved issues she had during her anal stage of life. c. Freud would call her phallic defensive because of the conflicts she had with her parents between the ages of 3 and 5 (possibly even sexual abuse). d. He would say that she is obsessed with oral sensations, like talking, because she developed normally through the oral stage of life. e. Freud would claim that she is in love with her father. 2. What aspect of personality has been found to be a reliable predictor of marital dissatisfaction, poor reports of health, and depression? a. introversion b. low openness c. extraversion d. low agreeableness e. neuroticism 3. Lexi and Petri are identical twins who were separated at birth and grew up with very different families. Lexi is a skilled student who has three close friends and a loving boyfriend. Her adoptive family had difficulties accepting her when she was an infant and never really appreciated her until she reached puberty. Petri is also a good student and is very well liked in her sorority. Her adoptive family adored Petri until the family dissolved in a messy divorce when Petri was 16. Based on the core model of personality, who probably has higher self esteem, Lexi or Petri? a. Lexi, because having a significant other (her boyfriend) is the most important thing for self esteem. b. Lexi, because she now experiences unconditional love from her adoptive parents in a way that she didn’t have when she was younger.
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c. Petri, because she received more unconditional love when she was a young child which cemented her having a larger inner core. d. Petri, because she is surrounded by a tight group of friends who can provide more outer core growth. e. They probably have the same amount of self esteem because they both have a lot of friends and early childhood experiences have no impact after puberty. 4. Strong situations a. allow people's personalities to affect their behavior. b. tend to make people stronger. c. allow people to report on their personality. d. mask personality differences. e. tend to make people weaker. 5.
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Nov 8 2004 - Answers at bottom of test Exam 3 November 8,...

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