Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Middle Childhood Physical and...

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Chapter 9 Middle Childhood: Physical and Cognitive Development Girls weigh more and are taller than boys by age 11 Boys catch up and pass girls during puberty Children grow more slowly in middle childhood 5-6 lbs. per year 2 in. per year Muscle Strength and lung capacity increase Thus, they have a greater endurance and speed Motor Development More skill in controlling body develops Physical growth slows temporarily This slow-down allows them time to learn to use their body more efficiently You will see an increase in activities that require coordination: jumping rope, riding bikes, soccer, baseball, etc. Brain Development Capacity, speed and efficiency of brain processes increases Neglect, maltreatment, and trauma can interrupt proper brain development However, the plasticity of their brains allows for improvement Dyslexia: Disorder in which an otherwise normally intelligent, healthy or adult has extreme difficulty learning to read In the language area of the cerebral cortex, the layers are disorganized, and
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Middle Childhood Physical and...

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