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Literature Paper - monkey - Steven Drapkin Lost 1 Fears of...

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Steven Drapkin Lost Fears of ones peril provoke thoughts of preserving a claim to life. Within the works of Tartuffe and Monkey , Orgon and Monkey emerge as two characters who with great passion seek immortality. Their efforts quickly reverse their aspirations and with great fervor act favorably to their demise. All their hopes hastily turn to the other characters who must guide them in order to secure their futures. When a man reaches the point in life where he notices the end is near, he thinks about his immortality and how his name shall live on through time. Orgon who is in the midst of his fifties understands that his life may be coming to an end; he begins to question his existence. In a sense he wants to live forever, whether it’s through mortality or spirituality, he must have something of himself that can withstand the test of time. His quest for immortality begins at church where he meets Tartuffe, a very religious but poverty stricken man. Impressed with Tartuffe’s devoutness, he senses a calling from the heavens “At length, Heaven prompted me to take him in” (I.v.41) He believes that “To keep his precepts is to be reborn,” (I.v.15) and in a way become immortal.
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Literature Paper - monkey - Steven Drapkin Lost 1 Fears of...

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