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Chapter 9 - into three major levels p 338 of text • He...

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FCE 225 Temple Odom, PhD MSU 1 MIDDLE CHILDHOOD: Physical and Cognitive Development Moral Development The process by which children adopt principles that lead them to evaluate given behaviors as right and others as wrong and to govern their own actions in terms of these principles. Cognitive Learning Theory Bandura et al. Moral development is a cumulative process that builds on itself gradually and continuously, without any abrupt changes. Dishonest or deviant models have a greater impact on children than honest models Cognitive Developmental Theory Piaget, Kohlberg Moral development takes place in stages, with clear-cut changes between them. Piaget’s two-stage theory of moral development: Heteronomous morality - moral rules are absolute and rigid Autonomous morality - through interactions young people acquire a sense of justice Lawrence Kohlberg Heinz’s ethical dilemma: Six stages of development of moral judgment grouped
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Unformatted text preview: into three major levels. p. 338 of text • He said that all people in all cultures apply the same basic moral concepts • He postulated a universal morality Carol Gilligan • Men and women have different conceptions of morality. • Men: morality of justice • Because men are focused on achievement • Women: morality of care • Because women focus on intimacy and relationship FCE 225 Temple Odom, PhD MSU 2 Correlates of Moral Conduct • Intelligence (+) • Age (-) • Sex (-) • Group Norms (+) • Motivational Factors (+) Prosocial Behaviors • Ways of responding to other people through sympathetic, cooperative, helpful, rescuing, comforting, and giving acts. • Empathy: Feelings of emotional arousal that lead an individual to take another perspective and to experience an event as the other person experiences it....
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Chapter 9 - into three major levels p 338 of text • He...

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