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definitions - Acculturation Cultures are in contact for so...

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Acculturation: Cultures are in contact for so long that they change Ambilineal: Inheritance from both mother and father Agriculture: Growing crops and raising animals for food. Sedentary. About 25,000 yrs old. Band: Group of people 100 or less who are related through birth or marriage Berdache: Third gender found in many cultures. Usually takes on a uniform role of man and woman Capitalism: Work in exchange for money. Sedentary unless moving for work. About 200 yrs old. Childbirth: Rite of passage in which child is born into a particular culture. Biocultural event . Culture: That which one learns as a member of society and that which is taught to others. Cultural relativity: What’s right or wrong in ones culture is only understood through that culture. Diffusion: Cultural artifact moves into another culture Economic System: Human mode of making a living that is culturally and environmentally defined Egalitarian: Power system in which everyone within culture has equal access to power Ethnocentrism:
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