Assets - Assets Current Assets Cash marketable securities Accounts receivable inventories Prepaid Expenses Fixed Assets Machinery Equipment

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bilities currentlia ts urrentAsse tal orkingCapi - = C W endspaid totaldivid netincome cumalative k commonstoc ty CommonEqui rings retainedea k commonstoc ty CommonEqui - + = + = Assets Liabilities(debt) + equity Current Assets Cash, marketable securities Accounts receivable, inventories Prepaid Expenses Current Liabilities (short debt) Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses Short Term Notes (Interest) Fixed Assets Buildings, Land Long Term Liabilities Long Term Notes Mortgages Other Assets Copyrights Equity Preferred Stock, Paid in Capital Common Stock (Par Value) Retained Earnings Current Ratio =current assets/current liabilities Acid (quick) Ratio= (current assets-inventories) /current liabilities Avg Collection Period =accounts receivable/(creditsales/360) Accounts Receivable Turnover =credit sales/accounts receivables Inventory Turnover =cost of goods sold/inventory Operating Income Return on Investment= operating income/total assets
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