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PHI2100 - Logic[1][1] - EDISON COLLEGE Division of Arts and...

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EDISON COLLEGE Division of Arts and Sciences COURSE OUTLINE I. COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE, CATALOG DESCRIPTION, CREDIT HOURS: PHI 2100 Logic: Reasoning and Critical Thinking - AA 3 credits This is a basic course in methods and principles in the development of correct reasoning. II. PREREQUISITES FOR THE COURSE: None III. GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION: Topic Outline deductive and inductive logic with inquiry into the dimension of language the substance of logic, truth, validity, and arguments the function, uses and forms of language, informal fallacies and definitions the development of logic from Aristotle to the present deductive forms, syllogism, translations, other argument forms, and symbolic logic inductive logic, inference, methods, scientific methods and probability IV. LEARNING OUTCOMES AND ASSESSMENT: A. General Education Competencies : General education courses must meet all the following outcomes. All other courses will meet one or more of these outcomes. At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to demonstrate the following competencies: Communication: To communicate (read, write, speak, listen) effectively using standard English: Students will develop their communication skills by doing one or more of the following: writing journal entries, essays, and/or participating in small group and class discussions. Critical Thinking: To demonstrate skills necessary for analysis, synthesis, and evaluation: Students will exhibit their mastery of critical thinking through their performance on one or more of the following: exams, journal entries and/or essays involving the critical analysis of different systems of thought. Technology/Information Management: To demonstrate the skills and use the technology necessary to collect, verify, document, and organize information from a variety of sources: Students will fulfill this requirement through their use of one or more of the following: the internet, essays, and/or journal entries based on readings assigned. Ethics and Values: To identify, describe, and apply responsibilities, core civic beliefs, and values present in a diverse society: Students will demonstrate their proficiency through regular attendance, the timely completion of assignments, participation in class discussions or activities, and/or writing assignments that address ethical issues.
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Interpersonal Skills: To apply effective techniques to create working relationships with others to achieve common goals: Students will illustrate this competency
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PHI2100 - Logic[1][1] - EDISON COLLEGE Division of Arts and...

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