Ion Channels 9-8-08

Ion Channels 9-8-08 - Ion Channels Dr. McKemy 9/08/2008 Use...

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Unformatted text preview: Ion Channels Dr. McKemy 9/08/2008 Use concentration and electrical gradients. Are usually selective for specific ions. K+, Na+, Ca2+, Cl-. Most are "gated" by specific signals. Chemical or electrical. Ion channels. Types of voltagegated ion channels Types of ligandgated ion channels From the squid to the frog Twoelectrode voltageclamp Measuring ion channel activity Measuring single Na+ channels Measuring single K+ channels Na+ versus K+ channels Na+ versus K+ channels Functional states of voltagegated Na+ and K+ channels Not all K+ channels are created equal K+ channels K+ channels Toxins That Poison Ion Channels TTX from Puffer fish Potent and specific for Na+ channels Saitotoxin produced by dinoflagellates is a chemical homologue. "Red tide" and shellfish. Tetrodotoxinsensitivity of Na+ channel subtypes ...
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