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Trial Exam questions: Below are three exam questions. One is of the essay format – the other two are of the short answer format: Final Examination A. Answer TWO of the essay questions below. (25% each, totals 50%) In writing your essays, keep in mind that good answers will develop a well-formed argument that addresses the question and displays a familiarity with the relevant issues and concepts from the course. You will receive points for developing a strong argument that is clearly stated, progresses logically and responds to possible counter-arguments. In addition you will receive points for correctly applying concepts and examples from the course, and for referencing course readings that are relevant to your essay. Points will also be awarded for clarity of writing, creativity (including using information and examples from your wider reading) and “flair”. Try to use your essays to demonstrate your command of course concepts and
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Unformatted text preview: materials. 1. The lead lawyer for the defense in a case involving incriminating DNA ‘fingerprints’ has contacted you for advice in the cross examination of an expert witness for the prosecution . The witness will testify about how they scientifically obtained the DNA match. What advice would you give the lawyer based on your familiarity with the Course “What is Science?”? B Answer TEN out of the twelve short-answer questions below (50%) 1. Outline three different metaphors for describing the nature of science and technology. What view of science and technology is encapsulated in each metaphor? 2. Match the list of authors below to the list of terms they introduced: Authors: Merton, Popper, Kuhn, Mitroff, Gieryn Terms: Falsification, Boundary work, Counter Norms, Norms, Paradigm...
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