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Limiting Reactant is the reactant that is present in short supply when compared to the other reactant(s). It is the reactant that will ultimately determine the amount of product(s) you can make. The reactant(s) that are not limiting are said to be in excess. Working Reaction Stoichiometry Problems 570. grams of compound A reacted with excess B to form C and D. How many grams of compound C were formed? The molecular weights are given below each reactant and product. Read the question and determine what the overall chemical reaction is. Make sure that the reaction is balanced properly. Here, the equation IS already balanced. Now find what amount(s) of reactant(s) are given in the problem. Most problems will give the amount of reactants in grams rather than moles because grams are easily measured on a scale in the laboratory without having to know what the molecular weight is. You must convert the reactant amounts given into moles. The balanced equation is set up for moles, not grams. Remember that moles are easily calculated by
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