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WEEK 3 Tentative Topic ; Phentermine as a treatment option in management of obesity Key Words ; Phentermine and weight loss Phentermine as treatment for obesity Phentermine and clinical trials Phentermine vs placebo on obesity Phentermine as a sympathomimetic amine Obesity management Phentermine trials Initial literature search ; This initial literature search is conducted to find out if the drug phentermine can help in weight loss in obesity patients and also loss of waist lines with little or no side effects . Using the keywords listed above I found 25,263 articles in total . I try to use a “retrospective” approach by using the most recent articles , and making sure the references are from useful articles . Initial draft of the thesis ; Back Ground The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the use of phentermine in weight loss , obesity in the population over a specific period of time . And also changes in waist circumference. Methods ; For this literature research I used search engines to get my initial articles . These engines include ; PubMed , google scholars , EBSCO , WebMD , Dynamed . And I focused on the most recent published journals , articles with the highest number of citations and also articles that dealt more with efficacy of phentermine which served as a reference point for my discussion . Secondary Literature search
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Using the keyword ‘phentermine and obesity ‘ I found 434 articles which I narrowed down by selecting articles that had trials in conjunction with a placebo and articles that were not strictly pediatrics inclined . These articles also provided me with some pictures that explained efficacy of phentermine . These articles will contribute to filling the missing information that explains the relationship between phentermine and obesity better . Initial draft summary Obesity can be associated with so many risk factors , while certain risk factors are irreversible . It can be said that in the last 30 years obesity has rapidly increased and obesity related comorbidies have surged . This has made obesity become a global epidemic [Ref no 8 ] . In the United States , obesity rates have been intensely increasing which increasing the populations risk of diabetes , cardiovascular disorders and so on . Efforts have been made to encourage the population control their caloric intake but this have proven futal . So in the year 2012 the FDA approved the drug phentermine for the long term management of obesity in conjunction with a life style management . Several trials and studies have being carried out based on recommendations to follow a caloric restricted diet . Also a phase
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