ch 9-Cellular Respiration

ch 9-Cellular Respiration - Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration...

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Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration - The most prevalent and efficient catabolic pathway is cellular respiration, in which oxygen and organic fuels are reactants - Overall reaction: C 6 H 12 O 6 +6O 2 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O + Energy This reaction is exergonic: it releases energy Respiration generates ATP, which is used to do the work of the cell Redox Reactions h Chemical reaction in which electrons are transferred is known as an oxidation-reduction reaction (red-ox) Oxidation and reduction ALWAYS occur together OIL RIG- oxidation is loss (of electrons), reduction is gain (of electrons) Reducing agent: the electron donor, loses electrons, becomes oxidized Oxidizing agent: the electron acceptor, gains electrons, becomes reduced See figure 9.3 on page 162 For cellular respiration: o Glucose is oxidized, oxygen is reduced, energy is released o Compounds with lots of hydrogen are good fuels because they provide electrons which can release energy by “falling” down the energy gradient when they are transferred to oxygen o Energy is released in steps during respiration so that it can be harnessed more efficiently The electrons that are removed from glucose are transferred to an electron carrier, NAD+, which becomes NADH when it gains an electron and is reduced
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ch 9-Cellular Respiration - Chapter 9: Cellular Respiration...

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