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Bio Midterm Cheat Sheet

Bio Midterm Cheat Sheet - 1 Which of the following is a...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Which of the following is a partial list ofthe elements which make up 98% of most living 14- In Whidl Offlle know is the correct WWW With 5'3 Wilma” nrgamsms' ? A. fittyncid-DNA A. calcium, carbon, sulfur B. MOSWCW lipid @cafi’m hydmgen, oxygen é flfimmmm C. airy-gm, phoephoruejrm 13- Ween. calcium. Iron 15. Thebasic building blocks orsubunne’ oforgame molecules mbedesmhedas 2. Matter . A. Emotional groups B. polymers A. is a substance which cannot be broken down into another substance by ordinary chenfieal men @monomm is the ability to do work D. isonm‘rs anythingwhichmsnpspaoenndhasmnss . D. differenthimassanarthdmnonthemoan l6.Aprolcaryoueoell 3. A coval owns 11 , A. has no DNA ent bond w on does not have a membrane-hm nucleus . does not have ribosomm A. mommaanrferredfiomonecwmncmflrer D. dgegmthnvecytoplasm B. neutronsareshmdhetweentwoatomsmfiormanisowpe electrons are shuedbetween two floors to fill valence shells 11 Cell ms fimction in D. None of the 0110in are correct. A. movmg‘ organelles throughout the cell 4. Waterispolnrbecauseof . Q mninminingeellshape C. producing the cymskelehon A. transfer of electrons D. containing DNA unequal sharing of electrons . its ability to freeze 18. Chromosomes are D. its hydrogen» bonds A. condensed nucleoli . . . . B. expanded ribosomes 5. The pH scale is a mathematical indicator of_____. C expanded polysaccharides ® condensed chromatin ® the momrtoflfpresenrina solution B- the amount of OH' present in a solution 19. Which ofthe following is an firmer match? C. the tom] amount ofall ions in a solofion . _ _ D. the ability of a solution to hofl‘er A. ribosomes — protem fin’mntmn B. Golgiappamtus—mteinal’eeraticn . nfitochondria—pmteinreeycling 6. The shape ofapmtein is a critical factor in its fimotion. lysosomes—protein digestion False 20. Which cfthe following is an incorrect match of molecule to location? 7. A gene in DNA is the code for . A. DNA - nucleus ® mRNA- nucleus A. asequenoeofamlnoacidn C. rRNA-eytoplasm B. menzyme D. Allofthe choiceaarecorrern. Cinprolein 21.Wh doth '1 " that ' ' mno' ? @ All of the choices are correct are e “31° 69 01W“? are ”“0le in se :1 A. lymsomes 8. Which of the followirg correctly lists the parts- of a nucleotide of RNA? 3» mldeus Golgi apparatus A. nitrogen-containing base,denxyribose,phnaphnte - ribosomes . sulfinhconmining base, ribone, phosplme . . . . aim in . . been, i . pl hate 22. Vacuoles drlfel'nomvesrclesmihat vacuoles_. D. historian-containing base, ribose. sulfur A. do not have membranes 9. Which of the following is in correct order finer smallest to largest? @ 2:; he spom'afizcd I). both larger and can be specialized A. protein— amino neid- polypeptide B. amino acid— ~polypeptide— peptide 23. Plants needmitoehondrin to @ peptide polypenfide- prom D. protein- glycerol— amino acid A. produce carbohydrate ® produce ATP 10. A protein which controls a metabolic reaction is called alan___ and is __ in shape. 0- 13mm lipids D. hnthprndlmeATP Bndlipids g phi) @331pr id! 81 obfiul or 24. The plasma membrane‘s hydrophilic port film he outside of the cell and the cytoplasm). C. anti]: d lfib @ enzyr‘ilelr’rglogilu; [m3 Fm 11 which of the following Is true about Fig. 3 l which represents a part efeplasmn membrane? .. .1 7.1.1,...» ,.:........ ..... .. .: A. osmoficenergy W ‘fi- B. kinetic energy potential energy Y. . both osmotic and kinetic energy 25. those contains 26. ATP mlwses energy when A parts X and Z are hydrophobic @pnflsWafidthydmphilic A. arihoseisndded C. partsXandYarehydr-ophilic B. ndenineinremoved 1), pm; WandY arehydrophobic @aphosphate is removed . deoxyrihose is added 12. A fat is formed wtenthreefimzy acidsjoin nglyeerol bye 27. In a coupled reaction A. hydrolysis reaction . . dehydration reaction A. ATP releases energy in a metabolic maroon . . ® ATP ofien transfers a phosphate 1x) the reactant D. 51:11:? mm C. the metabolic rean'tionrequhes my from ATP ’ reaclion D. All ofthe choices are correct. 13. Deoxyribose is a sugarme in 28. Which of the following shows the flow of energy at the cellular level through the biosphere? A. glucose A solar energy —— mitochondria— chloroplast B. enzymes B. ehloroplesr— solar energy— mitochondria Q DNA solar energy -— chloroplast— mitochondria D. alcohol . mitochondria— solar energy - chloroplast ...
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