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American Government (12th Edition)

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Chapter 1 1964 – 24 % of Americans said they had confidence that the federal govt. would do “what is right” most of the time. 1990 – dropped to 22 % 1999 – 42 % of American’s strongly distrusted politicians and 33 % generallly distrusted them. 2001 – Right after 9/11 57% of Americas believed that the fed. gov. could be trusted. 07/2003 – Declined to 36% Politics – A process by which values are authoritatively allocated for a society; a method of deciding who gets what from government. Political Power – the ability to influence the political behavior of others. Candidates try to influence voters to win. Interest groups tries to influence key members of Congress in hope they will support of oppose a particular bill. “politics” is in our daily lives; family politics, school politics, office politics. Legitimacy – The belief that certain principles or rules are right and proper; according to Max Weber, it is based on tradition, charisma, and legality. You can only exercise legitimate power if most of the people accept that power and believe that
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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 1964 24 % of Americans said they had...

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