Mid Term Notes

American Government (12th Edition)

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1.) Legitimate power according to Weber The belief that certain principles or rules are right and proper; according to Max Weber, it is based on tradition, charisma, and legality. 2.) Define Elitism and Pluralism; how do they differ? I. Elitism – Suggest power is held by a few wealthy individuals. Drawn for upper class who wants to preserve system. Primary goal is to keep government stable. A theory that holds that public policy is made by a relatively small group of influential leaders who share common outlooks and goals. Those who have power Those who do not have power II. Pluralism – Power is held by many groups or individuals. Decision making is called conflict resolution. Power is in the hands of the people. They differ because one group 3.) Define Democracy; the foundations; Direct vs. indirect III. Democracy - democracy is a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people." Foundations of Democracy include: 1.
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Mid Term Notes - 1.) Legitimate power according to Weber...

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