castration of rochester

Jane Eyre (Case Studies in Contemporary Criticism)

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Unformatted text preview: The Castration of Rochester Sadoff psychoanalytic criticism suggest that Bronte is in essence holding a mirror to her own life through Janes narration. Facets of Brontes sadomasochistic tendencies are exposed in Janes relationship with Mr. Rochester as the literal master and slave and symbolic father and daughter relationship. Sadoff links Brontes real life relationship with her father, Patrick Bronte and her master and teacher, M. Heger and applies two of Freuds theories A Child Is Being Beaten and the Oedipus Complex, which Freud finds plays a essential role in the creation of the adult sexuality. Freuds exploration of the beaten child theory states there are three phases that helps shape a girls identification with others and her erotic feelings for her father (520). Freud identifies the first phase as, My father is beating the child and the second phase as I am being beaten by my father in the third phase the subject becomes a spectator and looks on as a child is being...
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