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COMM_498_Project_List - Research Topics Prometheus Radio...

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Research Topics Prometheus Radio Project 1) Public participation and the FCC rulemaking process- how does it stack up? Despite witnessing unprecedented public participation in 2002-3 and again in 2006-7, the FCC voted against popular sentiment and lifted many of the restrictions which served as the bedrock of structural regulation in broadcasting. Why was the public unable to influence these outcomes? We aim to examine agency discretion in relation to mechanisms for public participation, and ultimately offer a concrete set of recommendations for reforming the decision-making processes at the FCC that will be helpful for media activists, practitioners, and/or policymakers. Through interviews in the field, at the FCC and comparable federal agencies that conduct public rulemakings, we hope to determine best practices for federal agencies when accepting public comment in rulemakings and inform an overall FCC reform agenda. In partnership with Media Access Project and Seeta Gangadharan, Prometheus is currently planning this project. 2) Spectrum Availability for LPFM Prometheus is currently completing detailed evaluation of the remaining spectrum available for low power radio stations in the United States. In a recent rulemaking before the FCC, we have successfully changed policy and persuaded the FCC to dismiss thousands of speculative applications filed by satellite fed radio chains. This will allow at least a moderate application opportunity for bona fide local community organizations to get these channels. Prometheus has done extensive data analysis to find the impact of various potential future rule changes that could further improve opportunities in urban areas for community broadcasting. This data will be presented to the Commission to provide rational basis for taking further steps to improve local ownership in broadcasting. Sakura Saunders and Todd Urick of Common Frequency have each contributed significant elements of this analysis.
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