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Unformatted text preview: Summer Intensive Language Institute The Pennsylvania Sate University Spanish June 18– August 10, 2007 Room: 206 Wagner Instructors: A.M. Session P.M. Session Benjamin Souza, Supervisor [email protected] Silvia Ruiz Tresgallo, Supervisor [email protected] Tracy Cramer [email protected] Juan Pablo Neyret [email protected] Verónica Gonzalez [email protected] José Alvarez [email protected] Marta Ventura [email protected] Kris Allen Davis [email protected] Required texts and materials : • Temas packet (second edition ) including text, workbook, and lab CDs, available at the campus bookstore • A good bilingual dictionary • 1-2 blue books to use as journals Course Description : As part of the Summer Intensive Language Institute, the Spanish sequence condenses three semesters of instruction (SPAN 1, 2 & 3 at PSU) into an 8-week block. You will cover a semester-length course in approximately 12 days (four periods per day). The pace is rapid and you are expected to be present at and to participate in all classes, during all periods. There are no prerequisites for this course; no prior Spanish instruction or exposure is necessary. Nevertheless, a primary goal for this course is to develop your competence in Spanish and therefore, you will be exposed to Spanish from the first day. This is a “hands-on” learning experience and the more actively you engage yourself, the greater the benefits will be. The amount of work you are expected to complete compares to that of a regular semester-length course. Thus, a significant amount of out-of-class commitment is necessary for successful completion of this sequence. Expect 3-4 hours of out-of-class work per day, on average. Objectives: Upon successful completion of the Summer Institute, you will: 1. Speak Spanish with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary allowing you to participate effectively in formal and informal conversations concerning practical, social and professional topics; 2. Read in Spanish accurately enough to grasp the essential ideas in a newspaper, magazine or journal article; 3. Write in Spanish with sufficient structural accuracy and vocabulary to communicate basic information; 4. Be exposed to the cultures and the people of the Spanish-speaking world. 1 Methodology: Communication is a primary course objective; consequently, the program combines content-based language instruction with an interactive task-based approach. This means that the material will be presented to you thematically and the activities used to reinforce your language development will focus on real-life language applications. Classes are not centered on lectures but rather on learner participation in diverse tasks. These tasks require you to use Spanish in many different situations that represent normal communication in a variety of linguistic settings. As previously stated, all classes will be conducted in Spanish to provide you with maximum exposure to the language....
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This note was uploaded on 11/02/2008 for the course SPAN 003 taught by Professor Rodriguez-mourelo, during the Summer '07 term at Penn State.

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Syllabus__07 - Summer Intensive Language Institute The...

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