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UCG 112: World Civilizations 2 Instructor: Keegan Exercise: Chapter 22 Student Name:_______Danny King____________________ Student Section: ____________ This exercise is worth 1 point of your final grade. As you read the indicated chapter in Spodek’s text, please either type in or handwrite your answers to the following questions. Your answers must be at least 6 sentences long to be considered complete. 1. Compare Gandhi and Mao in terms of their policies on the use of violence and non- violence in attaining their political objectives. To what extent are these differences a product of the differing political contexts in which they lived and worked? Mao used violence and force to attain his political goals. He jailed protestors, sent them to labor camps, and exiled them to farms. Mao administered powerful government officials who like Stalin tried to reconstruct the economy of his nation by means of communist ideology. This lead to millions of death by starvation and an economic crash. To try to fix what he did
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