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UCG 112: World Civilizations 2 Instructor: Keegan Exercise: Chapter 20 Student Name:____Dan King_______________________ Student Section: ____________ This exercise is worth 1 point of your final grade. As you read the indicated chapter in Spodek’s text, please either type in or handwrite your answers to the following questions. Your answers must be at least 6 sentences long to be considered complete. 1. Compare fascism and communism in terms of: (1) power of the state; (2) power of the leader; (3) role of private property; (4) value placed on warfare; (5) treatment of other nations; and (6) individual human rights. Fascism means there’s a strong central government ruled by a dictator while Communism is supposed to abolish central government. Fascist ideals are such that there is a powerful executive or dictatorship control in government, a lowering on the outlook of human rights, the idea that the military is supreme, the mass media is controlled by the State, there are fixed elections, a lot of power is held by the police force, and the identifying of enemies or
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