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UCG 112: World Civilizations 2 Instructor: Keegan Exercise: Chapter 21 Student Name:___________________________ Student Section: ____________ This exercise is worth 1 point of your final grade. As you read the indicated chapter in Spodek’s text, please either type in or handwrite your answers to the following questions. Your answers must be at least 6 sentences long to be considered complete. 1. What were the reasons for the Cold War competition between the United States and the Soviet Union? During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union stood on opposite sides of a conflict. Each side felt threatened by the other's political ideologies or beliefs. The United States saw that communist nations were defeating other nations and that communism was taking over the Eastern Hemisphere. They feared that communism might take over the world both economically and politically. The USSR on the other hand feared the United States capitalist control and military power, considering we had possession of the Atom Bomb. The
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