4th respnse papaer

4th respnse papaer - 1.) UGC 112: World Civilizations 2...

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1.) UGC 112: World Civilizations 2 Danny King February 3, 2005 Section B ____ 2.) Kaufmann, Angelika. “Women in the Third Reich.” Annual Editions: World History Vol. 2: 1500-Present . 9 th ed. Eds. Helen B. & Joseph R. Mitchell. Dubuque: McGraw-Hill, 2008. 122-1224. 3.) The article “Women in the Third Reich” is mainly focused on how women were treated during Nazi rule. The article goes into depth on the torture and horror of being a women resisting Nazi ideology. The article also discusses why women were easily subjected towards conforming to Nazi authority. 4.) The main reason for the neglect, antifeminism, racism and mistreatment of women in the Third Reich can be directly linked to the tainted views the leaders of the Nazi party had on them. For instance Joseph Goebbels, the State Minister for People’s Enlightenment, stated that the Nationalist Socialist movement keeps women out of direct involvement in politics because a women’s “ first and foremost, and most appropriate place is in the family, and the most wonderful duty that she can take on is to give her country and her people children”(Kaufmann,122). Similarly, leader of the Reich’s Tourist Bureau Hermann Esser stated that, “Women belong at home in the kitchen and the
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bedroom, they belong at home and should be raising their children” (Kaufmann, 122).Adolf Hitler, Fuehrer of the Third Reich, put a little spin on his words making his views obvious about women yet at the same time manipulating the minds of ignorant
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4th respnse papaer - 1.) UGC 112: World Civilizations 2...

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