Victorian Period

Victorian Period - -Became an inspector of schools in...

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Victorian Period John Henry Cardinal Newman - Was born in London and born to a banker. - Became a part of the Anglican church - Was always accused of Romanizing the church, and eventually converted to Catholicism. - He became a Cardinal. - The University is meant to stimulate the mind rather than pass out information— according to Newman. - Liberal-- education that befits free people Mathew Arnold - Wrote against Newman and was educated at Oxford
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Unformatted text preview: -Became an inspector of schools in 1861.-He was the leading public intellectual of his day and constantly strived for reform for English society.-He married and bore six children-Coined the term philostenesmiddle class, bourgeoisie class and called the aristocrats barbarians-Was really interested in schools, one thing he and Newman agreed about-Opposed Newman on religion...
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